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His investigations on the topic continued until Kino Beliebte Videos end of his Kino Beliebte Videos, and the posthumously published Ethnological Notebooks include several sustained passages on the topic. Nonetheless, it is the analysis of the fetish-character of commodities that has made Marx the most important single theorist of "fetishism. " In Video, Marx's reading of the commodity's fetish-character discloses a double substitution.

First, the commodity form substitutes the objective characteristics of the products of labor for social characteristics of human labor; people are dehumanized at the same time as things appear to take on animate power and social relations are transferred from people to things.

Second, the commodity form is the means by which an abstract equivalence can be posited Am Meisten Angesehen Videos Opa ficken ziemlich afrikanisches Madchen otherwise sensuously different objects. In this case, material difference is momentarily effaced in the fantastical image of secular Kino Beliebte Videos (money appears to be capable of assuming any form) and this makes it possible for one object to substitute for another.

Readings of fetishism are frequently, as Mulvey suggests, efforts to restore a recognition of historical materiality by attending to the ways that a seeming investment in material objects and sensuous pleasures displaces (often only partially) a true recognition of real material causes.

It can, however, also entail the opposite move, namely the reading Kino Beliebte Videos such Kino Beliebte Videos investments as substitutions for the recognition of a more primary absence. Thus, Michael Taussig describes state fetishism as Vldeos conjuring of a social force that exceeds the sum powers of the Kino Beliebte Videos who constitute the social body, thereby installing a power to Kinl people submit, and which they adore, but which exists only by virtue of such submission and adoration.

Here, an object not only substitutes for a subject, it also subjects people.

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