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To Taoists, knowledge and self-discipline are sufficient for mastering the methods of direct communication with God.

After having attended many of my lectures, many clinical and behavorial sexologists came up to me and said such things as You ve covered in the first five minutes of your lecture what I had just spent six years studying at the university. The rest of what you discussed was never even mentioned in my courses and it s the most helpful information Erste erfahrung mit analsex Deutsch Sex Video all. After having done some or all the exercises taught in my sexology courses, others told me that they finally understood what it was to enjoy not just sex, but life itself.

They said they received a lifetime of benefits from what they had learned. I told them that anasex they kept practicing what they had learned, things would get even better. Because the information, tested and used for 6,000 years, would help anyone lead a longer, happier, healthier, and wiser life. The ancient Taoists were not ethereal, abstract philosophers.

They were very practical, scientific people. If a technique did not work, Erste erfahrung mit analsex Deutsch Sex Video discarded it. If a better one was developed, they used it. They did not promise their students that great benefits awaited them after death; great benefits were immediately reaped upon utilization of Taoist techniques. Mitt mentioned before, we must experience God to gain everlasting life.

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